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Nora Leigh of Nora Leigh Yoga in a seated praying hands position and smiling at the camera
Create An
Intentional Life
12 Weeks of Yoga and Holistic Habits for
More Ease, Connection, and Balance in Your Life.


Virtual and In-Person Yoga Classes

Virtual and In-Person Energy Therapy


Upcoming Events

Feeling stuck & overwhelmed?
You've come to the right place.

Nora Leigh will help you find your balance, inner peace and happiness.

She uses a gentle and caring approach to find your Vibe.


Reconnect with yourself, find inspiration and release old energy

to explore your full potential, evolve your practice,

and elevate your life.

As a 500hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher, certified Yoga Health Coach

and Energy Healer, she knows that small changes

can have a big impact. Start your change today.

A few ways Nora Leigh can help:

 Holistic Habits

12 weeks of self care through Yoga, Ayurveda and Energy Healing


Join me for yoga in person or on Zoom

Energy Healing

Shift your beliefs and stuck energy


 Still have questions? Need guidance in picking the right program for you?

Nora Leigh holding a yoga pose in a meadow surrounded by trees

Reset with a free
Vibe Check 


I felt supported and well informed. Nora has a positive attitude and holds the space well for people to communicate.


I love that Nora is always listening to what we say... she allows us to discover for ourselves the benefits of each habits. She supports us and celebrates our own little or big steps. I really feel that she is doing the journey with us and not only coaching us.


My experience with my coach was super positive.  I learned new information and habits at a pace that was easy to digest and with a spaciousness and freedom to explore the habit on my own. 


It was a great experience. She adjusted along the way based on feedback from me after a few sessions. She is a very supportive and authentic coach!
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