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Elevate Your Habits

12 weeks yoga and holistic habits to live an intentional life.

In this program you'll spark your inspiration through daily habits to release stress and anxiety for more Ease, Prosperity and Balance in your life, for only $289!

 Choose live classes or recorded sessions

What is included in this program?

You will explore 12 holistic habits, yoga and meditation classes to reset, connect and bring balance into your life.

How do you make BIG changes?

By stacking small habits in your daily routine.

Let me and our like minded community support you on your journey.

Elevate Your Habits by:

  • Eat with the season

  • Increase your quality of sleep

  • Develop a morning and evening ritual

  • Practice yoga and meditation

  • Connect with yourself and nature

  • And more....

 This program offers:

Nora Leigh is standing facing the camera, wrapped in a bright rasberry shawl with her hands in a prayer position.

Self Care Rituals

10 Ayurvedic self-care rituals where you will receive access to lecture videos, recipes,

e-workbook and e-book.

Yoga & Meditation Classes

Recorded or live one hour or 30 minute yoga, movement and meditation classes.

Energy Healing

Option to book 1 energy healing sessions through out the year to help release old habits, beliefs or emotions that could be possibly holding you back.


Engage with an online community of like-minded people for support, deep listening and momentum to share your journey. Upgrade and Elevate your life together! Live 15 minute individual 1-on-1 calls for support, guidance or questions.

If you want to:

  • Reconnect with your body

  • Kick old habits that no longer serve you

  • Realign to your daily goals 

  • Synchronize to nature's rhythms 

  • Learn the basics of Ayurveda for a healthy lifestyle

  • Balance your energy 

  • Reset your body and mind 

  • Feel more comfortable in your body

  • Learn new meals and recipes

  • Redefine your purpose

  • Step into your full potential 

  • Find your vitality to thrive in life

  • Cultivate awareness and orient toward feeling balanced, healthy and joyful

You'll also receive a care package with a smudge stick, book, essential oil, journal and goodies!


  • August 27 - November 19, 2024


The group will meet at 7:30pm on Tuesday nights for a meditation, discussion, to learn, reflect and share on Zoom for an hour. The first and last meeting of your 12 week cycle will be an hour and a half. We gain momentum each week from connecting around our habits. Each week a new habit is introduced to start stacking your habits.  


Together we will work to integrate these habits into your life

and witness each other's growth and expansion.

Break old habits to invite new habits into your life with support! 


Have doubts, concerns or more questions? Click here to email Nora.

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